On the 1st November 2016 we ran a pre launch competition on social media for 1 lucky winner to win 3 months free energy supply.

That lucky winner has been Interviewed by The Energy Deal to see how it feels to be our winner:)


So Emily tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 25 and single mum to 5 year old Lily, Franco the pug and Arlo the kitten. I work from home and am fortunate enough to love what I do!

What made you enter our competition?

I’ve been thinking of changing my energy company for a while, always on the look out to lower bill cost, so when the competition popped up on my newsfeed to change companies, save money and win some free electricity, I was so in!

How did winning make you feel?

So so happy, with the cold months upon us it’s always a struggle to keep up with the extra electricity costs, sometimes having to decide whether to put the heating up a notch or pop on an extra layer instead to save the pennies! Now I can relax and enjoy being cosy, thank you!

How do you feel about becoming a TED customer?

Excited, such a great thing you ladies are doing and looking forward to being your first ever customer.

What are you going to spend the money on that would have been going onto your Prepayment / Pay as you go meter?

Santa has a rather expensive list full for Lily this year, so that’s definitely going to help towards!

Did you know that we will change your prepayment meter to a smart meter free of charge and would that make you a happy customer in the future?

I didn’t know that, no, but that is definitely something I want in on!

For those that didn’t see the live competition here is Emily’s reaction when she found out that she was the winner:)

We look forward to running many more fun competitions not just for new customers, but monthly for our existing loyal customers.

Reaction Cam! from Abigail Elisabeth Horne on Vimeo.

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