Meet The Team

Abigail Horne,


Something you are passionate about?

My family. I live and breathe for those that I love and I have worked so hard over the last few years to enable us all to have more quality time together. Family time is more important to me than anything and so I feel blessed I have been able to build up this company around them and work hours to suit my life not only as a CEO but as a mother and a wife. Our mission with TED is to help families just like my own save themselves some money to spend on enjoying time together instead of their energy bills.

An Interesting fact about you?

Gosh, I’m quite boring really! I don’t think I’m interesting at all. I’m a black belt in jiu jitsu! Although I haven’t trained in about 15 years!

A little bit more about me:

For someone who comes across quite outgoing I can actually be very introverted. I love nothing more than to be home with my family, especially my doggies. I have three beautiful dogs who are treated like children. I love anything to do with arts and crafts, I find quiet time lost in creativity very therapeutic! I’m a crazy Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings fan, I have seen all the films more times than I could possibly count and never get bored of watching them.

Why the energy industry?

Hard to believe I know but its what I enjoy! I have 10 years experience in the industry and even having been in other fields since, It has lead me right back to where I want to be.
I want to make a positive impact on tens of thousands of lives and I know I can with this company. I left my career in energy on a sad note, feeling pushed out as a new mum because they couldn’t accommodate my child care needs, I vowed to myself back then that I would return to what I love still being able to be the mum I want to be.

Why now?

Firstly the boring bit, I could afford to along with my best friend. We wanted to start this company with no share holders and more importantly no investors wanting big profits. We want to run our company the way we see fit and for us it wasn’t about money, we both have other businesses. This year we finally had enough in the bank to make this dream a reality without the need of financial backing. It sounds impressive to say that you have investors but all it really means is that you have to generate enough profits to pay them back and then some. Those profits would ultimately come from normal families just trying to get by each month paying for something that they NEED to live so there was no way we would go down that route.

The other reason ‘why now’ is because the UK is ready. I cannot be the only homeowner absolutely fed up of ever increasing energy bills. We knew the need for change was getting greater and we knew that we could make that change happen.

We have a mission of saving the UK £20,000,000 in the next three years and we intend on making sure our mission is accomplished!

Victoria Warren,


Something you are passionate about?

Making great memories! Life is far too short so my passion transfers to T.E.D easily, helping others to make great memories – by spending less on their bills and more on their own lives/passions.

An interesting fact about you?

I once appeared on a UK game show! I wasn’t picked as the main contestant but my Parents and Grannie were in the audience to see me crash out over a question about types of beef!

Anyone who knows me will tell you how unenthusiastic I am about food! My Dad (a chef by trade!) shook his head in shame as I was knocked out to such a ‘simple question’.

A little bit more about me: I am one of 6 children to my biggest influences in life – my hard-working parents! I am a typical middle child and that craving for attention led me to look at ways I could stand out and make a difference.

My career from college started in the energy industry – that company (one of the big six) were one of the largest employers in Stoke-on-Trent and I gained all my knowledge of the end-to-end consumer experience there. I also learned at a very early age that it’s important to be savvy with bills – yet I have NEVER switched energy providers until now! I guess a lot of us never take our own advice do we? So my personal mission is to engage with people like me and help them to be savvy too!

Why the energy industry?

A lot of people say they ‘fell into’ their careers or industries and I guess the same could be said about me. With a big six company being a large local employer at the time (and to be honest, they paid REALLY well for an 18 year old fresh from college) it’s safe to say that I fell into the industry! I also followed where my friends were heading to work! My role there developed over the years and I was able to develop better working practices or see where things could be improved for the Customer.

When someone doesn’t listen to your ideas, sometimes you have to make them happen for yourself. Together we have seen a great way to make energy social and help people ‘get savvy’.

Why now?

I added up how much I could have saved over the years by being on a better deal with my own bills and it equated to a ‘trip of a lifetime’ for me! We saw a way to make energy social and coming into the winter period, I wanted to help people feel better about staying warm this winter. The reason I haven’t switched before is because I’ve been scared to! With so much press around the big profits in the big six companies, now is a great time to show people there is no fear around switching with us – we will look after you.

Need Help?

Our FAQ section will help answer most questions but if you would like to speak to a member of our Customer Services Team, call us free today on 0800 0281020.
If you smell gas or detect a gas leak call the National Gas Emergency Service (24 hrs) on 0800 0281020.

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Need Help?

Our FAQ section will help answer most questions. If you would like help switching with T.E.D you can speak to our sales team on Lo-call 0333 370 4008. If you are on either T.E.D Afford Fixed or T.E.D Action tariffs and wish to speak to a member of our Customer Services Team, you can call us freephone 0800 028 1020.

If you smell gas or detect a gas leak call the National Gas Emergency Service (24 hrs) on 0800 111 999.

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