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So this saying rang in my ears for the 7 weeks I was left without broadband (trying to run The Energy Deal from home) because the low-cost provider I chose didn’t actually provide me with any internet.

Let’s go back to the beginning, after an “OK” service with Virgin for a year, I thought it would be easier if they would supply my new home from moving day, so I rang in advance to ensure I could have WIFI straight away. This wasn’t to be, firstly they don’t have cables at my new address so they charged me £300 for being forced to come out of my 18-month contract early. Secondly, they told me even if they did supply the area I would have to wait until two weeks after moving in. Great. I will just run a rapidly growing low-cost energy company with 3g then shall I? And I hope my £300 made them VERY HAPPY because have now changed all of my services from virgin and will never use them again!

I was then told vodafone could provide my internet, here starts the worst 2 months imaginable with a broadband provider. I paid for installation for the day I was due to complete on the property, that way I would feel no disruption to my company, except they didn’t show up. When I rang them to ask them where they were, the answer was “Sorry, they may have forgotten, I will book you in again” The next appointment was 18 days after my moving day, utterly useless to me, but what choice did I have? We managed at home PAINFULLY using £7 of data a day on my phone, and without sky movies / the xbox for my husband and son.
The new installation day comes, and wait for it… they didn’t show up.

On calling them (now in tears) I was told someone would be in touch in 4 days time to give me an explanation, 4 DAYS TIME. I wait and wait and wait and no call. So I call them back (I would just like to mention that each and every call was between 60 & 90 Minutes, a massive chunk of my life I will never get back!) They answer, I go through the whole sorry tale again, and I’m told there is a fault on my line anyway so no point trying to install me. WHAT?! On asking them to fix it I was told, someone will be in touch in 4 days.

7 weeks later, Vodafone STILL hadn’t resolved the issue. During this time I spoke to countless staff but was refused a conversation with a manager. Infuriating. I even offered them a solution of sending me a MIFI device to tick over my home computers but was refused! They sell them for £30 a month on rolling 30-day contracts, you would think they would oblige? NO. Instead, im offered a new mobile phone contract with them so they can give me some free phone data… how about I don’t repeat on here what I responded to that idea.

At the end of my patience and my sanity I started to look into small companies who offer business grade broadband for homes, I found a local yet nationwide company who offered this service. Business grade means any problems and it should be resolved the same day (max 24-hour priority) and my traffic is priotised over a normal residential internet. (So I don’t get that slow down at evenings and weekends) The cost for this just £10 a month more than the provider who 2 months in was yet to provide me with a sensible conversation or infact any wifi.

On calling this company I spoke straight to engineer, not a call centre (ahhhhhh the relief), who offered me a MIFI without me even asking. Knowing taking over the line would take 10 days, he came to my home with a mifi device to get me up and running that day. As it goes vodafone refused to let him take over the line as they were still pondering the “problem” so my supersonic engineer just ordered me a new line instead. (I think vodafone may still me pondering over it.)
Anyway, happy days, the MIFI ticked over a dream until my Wifi lights came on! (on my brand spanking new gaming router – my hubby was ecstatic as a FIFA and COD fanatic)

This situation caused me so much stress it’s hard to even explain, but out of this nightmare came a huge positive for the rest of the UK, The Phone Deal.
The company I found weren’t really that visible, I just had a pointer in the right direction, you see being great engineers is one thing, but being great at marketing is another. But having built up a great relationship with the owner of the company during this process (and of course saved him hundreds of £££ on his gas and electricity with www.theenergydeal.com), we knew we could work together and make a stand against the well-known providers.

The Phone Deal offers you that great service I experienced and so much more! Are we going to suit everyone? Probably not! A cheap internet isn’t our thing at all, we infact avoid it like the plague after my own experience! But if the following does appeal to you… get in touch.

*Priority Traffic Broadband
*Speaking to engineer not a call centre
*Unlikely faults being resolved within 24 hours
*Being switched on ready for moving into your new home
*A mifi device if a new line is required
*An option of a much better router if you have a house full of WIFI users or gamers

You can find us at www.thephonedeal.com to test your own line or you can chat with us on facebook on our sister company page www.facebook.com/theenergydeal
Here’s to standing up against the shockingly bad customer service within the industry and all in all a stress-free future where Wifi is concerned!Abigail Horne
CEO & Co-Founder
The Energy Deal, The Phone Deal & The TED Group.

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