Have you been with your energy supplier for years and never thought about changing? This is the case for 8.5m people across the UK. It is highly unlikely that those 8.5m have been regularly contacted with an offer to be moved onto their suppliers cheapest deal, instead they are moved onto the suppliers most expensive “Standard” tariff after approx 12 months of being a loyal customer, how nice is that?

Here at The Energy Deal we want to ensure that you are always on our best tariff when paying  for your  Gas and Electricity. We will ALWAYS let you know if you could be better off on one of our different tariffs so that you are not paying any more than you need to. All that we ask from you is that you tell your friends and family about us so that we can keep them informed as well.

We have been reaching out to previous non switchers to find out WHY they haven’t switched yet are unhappy with what they are paying. What I found out was eye opening and how you maybe feeling right now. Read on to discover why even after remaining with the same suppliers for years they have now chosen to switch over to The Energy Deal.

Meet Mrs Broad  – Mum of three – Pay As You Go Customer – Stoke on Trent


“We moved in to property that already had pre-payment meters for both Gas and Electricity. In all honesty at first we thought ‘oh this is great’ thinking it will help with budgeting at an already expensive time, expecting our third child. So for the first couple of years we just topped up and enjoyed not having that dreaded energy bill. But then realised that this can be such an expensive way of doing things and actually wasn’t that convenient. Only certain shops accepted the key that we used for the gas meter, issues with system being down etc… I called the provider a few times to discuss options but having a conversation about something you know little about with a massive language barrier is difficult for even the most patient of people.

I will not hesitate to switch to The Energy Deal, not only because I like to support local people and their businesses but I like their aims. They are doing what no one else does and are putting ME at the top of the agenda… not profit, not the cheapest option for them, but what’s best for me! Who else bases decisions on trust not what the computer says? The service will be tailored to my own needs not just what usually suits people”

Meet Miss Adams – Mum of Twins – Direct Debit Customer – Kent


“I have always been with British gas since I can remember and even when I lived at home with my parents. I was always very sceptical of changing providers incase it ended up more expensive. But since having my twins I have realised that I need to shop around and find a company that is cheaper and has better customer care. As when I moved house it ended up being a mess trying to sort and not even an apology too. So I shopped around and found the energy deal. I asked for a quote and in amazement I saved a lot of money. Not only that the service was quick and efficient and incredibly friendly.”

Meet Mrs McGrath – Mum of two – Standard Tariff Big Six Customer – Hatfield 


“I’ve been with the same energy company for years, having finally settled into the home we’re in now. I’d forever be swapping to different companies with each previous house move so I’ve had some experience of what each had to offer! I settled with one of the big 6 companies (British Gas) as it offered me a good deal with both my gas and electric…. to begin with. Bills would rise but as I’d had a good experience with their customer service, I stayed with them as the hassle of swapping to a cheaper company would only be a temporary thing and not necessarily have a better customer service. I pay by direct debit on a standard tariff so I know how much comes out of my account every month although it does frustrate me when my bill can increase quite dramatically as they estimate on what fuel you may use within the next few months. So why am I switching now? You read in the news about how the bigger energy companies are making so much profit and this is never passed back to the customers, the bills always seem to increase, not decrease and only now are they becoming more open to telling you if you could be on a cheaper tariff. That’s one of the things that attracted me to The Energy Deal (TED). They promise to always tell you if they can offer you a better deal. Their passion in wanting everyone to know about their energy consumption and how to find a better deal, means the more they help their customers realise their hard-earned money can be spent on better things…. and I’m all for saving money! Not only that… they give back to the community, through their Funds for school and other charities. Along with an online TED community and a fantastic customers service means I’m proud to say #IsavedwithTED.”

Thank you to everyone who has been sending over their feedback, we are delighted to be reaching out and having a positive impact on so many families. Maybe you are unsure if you could save money or maybe your are worried about switching providers just like the ladies we have featured in this blog. We would love nothing more than to help you decide if we are a better option for your family and hand hold you through the process of becoming one our our customers.

With Love

Abigail & Victoria xx

Co – Founders – The Energy Deal



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