BEHIND OUR LAUNCH What an incredible journey it has being getting to this point of launching our very own energy company!! This last 6 months particularly have been not only such hard work, but so much fun as well so we wanted to share wth you what has been happening behind the scenes to get us to this point!

So although the funds have been building for a couple of years to pay for The Energy Deal, the real work didn’t start until we created our 5 year vision and business plan. Anyone that knows me knows I love a bit of magic whiteboard! I plastered it all over my office walls and started to out line our mission and customer acquisition strategy to bring our idea to life.

Its started at 11pm at night and went on into the early hours as the ideas just kept coming. I took this photo the following day to send to Victoria to show her that our dream was only months away from being our reality.


I was so so busy with my other business at the time that literally every nook and cranny I could fit this in I would. I was so exhausted my hubby suggested we take a little break to Wales to get some rest, but once my mind is on something I just cannot stop until the job its done. This was me in the car on our way to Wales STILL WORKING! I was making a video at the time to present to our licensed partners to share our vision of The Energy Deal, seems strange watching it back now knowing that when I took that photo it was just a dream… and now its a real company.


Gosh when I think of the branding in that video:) There was no graphic designer involved then, just me using apps on my phone! This was the original logo!


It is a good job that I worked in the car that day because that evening just as we got settled in our caravan, I received a call to ask me if we could present our business plan the following day instead of the planned date two weeks away. Of course just so grateful that a city council was taking our proposal seriously we just said yes immediately. With a sad little boy, we packed our bags and dogs back in the car and went home so that I could prepare throughout the night for our presentation.

This is me that morning after zero sleep and a bucket load of coffee! In my branded outfit to match my rubbish logo:) I was so nervous I can’t even put it into words. I have never been afraid of speaking or presenting but when something means so much to you the pressure is just insane.


We arrived in Nottingham and were taken straight into a board room and were told just to set up our computers and prepare ourselves, that’s when the strangest thing happened. This photo landed on the meeting table, it just drifted down and landed face up in front of me, I could hardly hold back my tears. The TV screens came on with the words “Introducing TED” and there in front of my eyes was a photo of my grandad Ted whom I had named both my son and our company after. Im so gad my best friend witnessed this happen to or I would have felt like I had dreamt it. I had never seen the photo before in my life. We both took it immediately as a sign that we were about to make our dreams come true with my grandad watching over us.


We got through the presentation full of confidence and excitement! Victoria was actually 5 days overdue with baby Ivy at the time can you believe it?! I was so worried the pressure / excitement would send her into labour!

We played them our 17 minute overview and I guess you could say the rest is history. Here are a couple of screen grabs of that video, a little less polished than the ones on our website:)

15174417_10154883192574131_1097678677_n 15151176_10154883192519131_141730336_n

I got back home to Stoke on Trent feeling so so proud, packed up the car again and headed back to Wales with my family. We had a beautiful week together enjoying what I knew was the last calm before the storm of bringing The Energy Deal to life. Here is my little boy playing in the sea on that holiday, I took that photo knowing thats what I would use to announce my company to friends and family because for me it summed up what TED is all about. Time spent with family, working from home, spending my money on fun with him, not big profits to the big six.


Time to get to work! The business and marketing plan was already written because what I had produced in the middle of the night was actually all we needed! We did however need to design our website! There was only one lady for the job, the wonderful Sarah Stone.  Here is my doodle of what I wanted, I knew Sarah would see straight into my mind and create exactly what I was thinking about. I knew she would make a better job of that logo as well:)


The next hurdle to overcome was compliance! This is NOT my thing. Victoria however is like the compliance police so this was totally a meeting with her name on it. We knew to get the final sign off for the company we would have to prove that we understood ALOT of rules and regulations, so I sat next to Victoria whilst she answered every single question over a facetime (because Ivy was just a week old!) and I nodded in the back ground:) She was incredible. Our skill sets are completely different so we work so so well together. Big smiles after that meeting!


The moment we were so nervous about! Launching on Social Media. It had been a secret up to this point so we knew it was going to come as a shock to everyone! We had no idea what to expect / how people would react so we put it off as long as possible. I have NO IDEA what we were so worried about as the support has been absolutely incredible. Our friends, families, colleagues and indeed total strangers completely got behind us to help us get the word out there. We braced ourselves for negativity being an “energy company” and received none. But I guess straight away we showed that we are different.

In that first week we shared who we are, our very first competition to get interaction up on the page and then we watch our stats go crazy! We can safely say our social media has being buzzing from that moment on.

15182515_10154883190694131_402849735_o 15139386_10154883190859131_463968155_n 15183998_10154883190739131_1304910234_o

The count down was on, but with that came our first big obstacle, we had been too ambitious with our launch date. There we were happily sharing that we would be live on the 17th October counting down daily, only to be told that the software and pretty much everything else wouldn’t be developed in time. Awkward.

This is when we calmed down and instead of going at the pace social media was demanding, we went at the pace of the build in the background. It was disappointing but we learned a lot in that time about speaking too soon!

15134190_10154883190754131_1854910051_o 15135633_10154883190879131_1492983582_n

I will just point out that our launch on snapchat was less successful, this is all I managed to do (take a profile pic without realising) and I have no idea how to delete it, or how to use the app:) So look us up on snapchat if you have no interest in receiving any info but you would like a giggle!


So with a 6 week delay we slowed down the pace at TED HQ aka my house and enjoying working on some marketing whilst being with Ivy and the dogs:)

15102291_10154883191884131_2001598555_o 15133847_10154883190824131_2004806020_o

Testing the quote portal! A vital next stage to ensure that we know what we are doing with the software. This was a really exciting time for us because it is truly when we realised what we able to offer people. Of course I did my own comparison first and I was just blown away. I put up my own photo and within minutes our inbox went mad! we have since done over 1000 comparison quotes and here are some of the potential savings.

15127359_10154883190924131_1331399805_o 15102108_10154883191104131_409807279_o  15182508_10154883191249131_1384916522_o 15152245_10154883191474131_477084320_o

Creating a bit of a stir on facebook we were contacted by the editor of Milli On Air magazine to ask if she could feature us:) We were both obviously over the moon. Much to our surprise we were contacted again the following month to be interviewed! We’ve had 9 pages in 2 editions now sharing all about us and our vision for The Energy Deal!

15133898_10154883192034131_917181201_o 15152364_10154883192099131_1970084223_o 15134217_10154883202754131_1937495970_o 15184097_10154883202784131_2138032288_o 15152528_10154883202909131_1049101247_o

With only 3 more weeks to go we were obviously eating, sleeping and breathing our company! We love a bit of branding so of course we got ourselves mugs! (And towels, and notebooks and balloons and everything possible lol)

15134159_10154883192204131_34049497_o 15146795_10154883192169131_201067239_o 15146888_10154883192279131_409742795_o

The next stage was filming & Photography, this was quite an emotional day for me because I featured my own family instead of using stock images or models. Our website is literally full of people I love and care about, and knowing that they have featured because The Energy Deal can genuinely have a positive impact on their life is just so rewarding in itself for me. Here are some of the shots from that day taken in our own homes.

15126032_10154883192394131_483902028_o 15126069_10154883202304131_1856792913_o 15126086_10154883192474131_472321814_o 15133640_10154883202419131_1985850435_o 15133848_10154883202449131_117343767_o 15134009_10154883202494131_1525061081_o 15175411_10154883202514131_571156882_n

Of course filming with my best friend was just hilarious, we did so many takes I heard Victoria swear for the first time in 19 years, Im still giggling about it now:) Im also still in shock.


Time to say some thank you’s, being so close to our launch date we took cupcakes to all 65 of the staff in the call centre in Nottingham. None of this would be possible without them:) They went down a treat. I cant thank our friend Jenny enough for making them for us without us even asking! She knows us so well.

15134086_10154883202559131_783895615_o 15126224_10154883202599131_676012445_o

Time to let our hair down! We were invited to The X Factor live show and as huge fans of the show we were ecstatic! We even filmed a video for talk talk so watch our for us in he adverts during the show! It was great to head to London with Victoria and Ivy and enjoy some down time after what has been an exhausting few months and its about to get even busier!

15126083_10154883202859131_1173915032_o 15133935_10154883202824131_1812739908_o 15139736_10154883202809131_487232765_n

With a week to go all of our marketing material started to arrive and we made our mission public. We were so excited and proud to announce to the UK our aim of putting £20,000,000 back into their pockets over the next 3 years.

15139606_10154883713864131_158970887_n 15052198_10154883204404131_1568257702_o 15152985_10154883205399131_2010619334_o 15127425_10154883202939131_636148750_o 15145144_10154883205454131_149458936_o

Well here we are, years of saving, months of planning and working through the night and we are finally launched. Let us mums on a mission take care of you and your energy needs, we promise we will NOT let you down.

For our children, for my grandad, for the UK

15126218_10154883210769131_10253379_o  15175558_10154883788914131_990223013_n 15129778_10154883789009131_366255203_n

The Energy Deal

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